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Thursday, January 2, 2014


Start anew this year and make up your mind you are not going to let things fluster you or make you angry. I was waiting for a store to open one day and the girl who opened up was 15 minutes late. Another lady was waiting as well and said to me "I am going to tell her when she gets here how I feel and let her know I am angry." Hmm, I am thinking, what an excellent time to show Jesus' love and mercy to the late employee and set an example to the disgruntled patron. What good does it do to fume when this young woman had a legitimate reason for being behind schedule?

When you are around people who get this way use it as an opportunity to just let things go and move on and thus display kindness. Human nature says get back and get even. God's nature says to show love.

Are you able to turn an ugly situation around in your life? Think of things you may encounter on a daily basis at work or out and about in the marketplace. Even in your own home! Go the extra mile and be nice. Smile. Forgive. Love.

When my children were small, I would play this song over and over each morning while we were at the breakfast table. It was a sung by Richard Roberts and was called "Turn It Around". Basically the lyrics were " turn it around, turn it around,don't let the devil get you down." If you have a chance to turn a situation around, do it!

Romans 2:4(NIV) basically says 'Kindness leads to repentance' and that is true in most all scenarios. Why not try being kind today?

PRAYER: Lord Jesus use me in your kingdom to spread your love to others who are having a bad day or are angry. Help me learn to turn the other cheek so to speak and display your love to others. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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