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Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Happy New Year! A chance to start new things and make resolutions. A time of new beginnings often brings hope for things you wanted to accomplish but did not. At the end of the old year and ringing in the New Year it is nice to have that chance to say "this is what I plan to do" and why not add "with God's help". 

Have you added any spiritual things to your resolution list? Often a big one might be read through the entire Bible. If that is your goal make sure you pray and ask God to reveal himself to you as you read and do not do it to simply check a block. As you go along make it into a study. Perhaps ask God to fill you with a desire and hunger for the things of the Lord. 

Another spiritual goal could be something like go on a mission trip if you have never done that. It does not have to be overseas but can be right in your own back yard so to speak.  

Do you find yourself complaining or judging others wrongly or being unkind to people? Then a super resolution is to ask God to give you His love for all people. 

The most popular resolution is usually dieting. If this is yours and has been over and over and over again why not put God in the equation and ask Him to make you see your body as His Holy temple and to treat it properly. Pray for discipline and self control and the ability to make this area a true priority this time. 

A good verse to memorize this year is Philippians 4:13( NIV) 'can do all this through him who gives me strength.'

PRAYER: I thank you Lord that through you I have the power to do all things. I do not have to let the enemy drag me down and cause me to give up. Guide me as I seek to be faithful to the resolutions I have made. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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  1. I plan to work on my writing skills and study the Old Testament prophets.