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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

UPDATE...On Leave for 5 days...see you Dec 21st!!

Wanted to give you a heads up..I am not sick but am going on a cruise so will not be doing my God's Lemonade Stand again til the evening of Dec 20 or morning of Dec 21. I realize from taking feedback that I have repeated several subjects a few times. Sometimes I was aware of it on things such as 'the tongue' and 'words' and 'freedom' which in my opinion are worth writing about more. I let the Holy Spirit lead me but I want to be sensitive to what folks would like to hear too. Give me some subject ideas that I can work on. Just to let  you know in 2011 I hope to make next step..a small booklet and maybe try to submit a devotion to get published. Pray ok. God is in control. Appreciate  you all.

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