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Friday, December 31, 2010


 Happy 2011 will soon be ringing out across our nation. The crystal ball will drop in New Yorks' Times Square and the Georgia Peach will drop in Atlanta signifying the start of another new year. It is time to take stock of your life and the things you may have done right or the things you want to change. A new year is a great time to attempt to change things. As mentioned in a previous devotion we make New Years' resolutions and try to keep them. The big one seems to be losing weight but this is also a time that we can chart our course for change in other areas too, purposing in your heart that you will do things differently in certain areas. I have started a list of several things which  include not letting junk mail pile up on counter, listening more and talking less, working on some new writing projects, trying to love like Jesus loves, and trying to not be nosy and think I need to know everything. These are just some of the ones. I have a total of about 10 altogether.
In God's word in Isaiah 43:19  it says 'behold I do a new thing'  and in 2 Corinthians 5:17 it says "if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation. The old is gone the new is here" referring to when a person has asked Jesus into their life and old things are passed away and behold all things far new. As a believer we are supposed to not want to do things that displease God. Starting 2011 out with ways you can get closer to God would be one excellent resolution. These things could include read the Bible daily, make church a priority, think of others first, not talking about people or saying you hate them, showing God's love to those around us,do not gossip, treating all people with respect, forgiving people even if you do not feel like it, trying to feed your mind with good things such as Christian music and teaching on TV and radio or reading a good Christian book or novel, and of course prayer.

Why not use tomorrow as the start of setting things straight? Our human nature wants to hold onto hurts but God says to forgive. January 1, 2011 can be a grand day where we can choose to say yes to Jesus and no to sin. It can be the start of a new relationship with a person you may have hurt or who has hurt you. Allow God to come into your heart and life and smooth the rough edges. Admit when you are wrong and ask for  his guidance and help. He loves you. Happy New Year!

PRAYER: Father I choose this day to start off a new year with a new attitude regardless of those around me. I have no idea what 2011 has in store but I know that I do not want to go into  the new year with 'old baggage' and problems. Convict the hearts of those reading of what they need to do to get closer to you Lord. Help us start 2011 out with a joyful spirit praising you and thanking you for another year you have given us to shine your light in this world. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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