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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Today we are recovering from a winter storm with remnants of snow on the grass,sidewalks,rooftops, and roads. It is a gorgeous sunny day,albeit cold, so I was in the mood to wash my car at one of the car washes that does it thoroughly. You know the kind with the brushes and free sweeper at the end?  Now I am trying to avoid melted dirty water in puddles. I thought of the snow melting and how life starts to get back to normal and thought that this "'too shall melt.' It melts and we start driving and going places again. We try to avoid the puddles on the journey that life may still throw at us.
In life we go through situations  that are pretty tough sometimes and we wonder when on earth things will end and get back to normal. Things will get better although when you are in the midst of junk in your life you feel it will last forever.  Isaiah 43:2 says 'when you pass through the rivers they will not overflow you.'  This too shall pass. God is with you in the storms of life.
PRAYER:  Lord God let those who are reading this who are in midst of a storm in life know that things will get better.  In Jesus name.  Amen.

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