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Tuesday, December 14, 2010



First, tomorrow will be the first time I take a break in my devotions in 140 days. I will write one tomorrow but decided instead of trying to write 5 in a row would take a break while on my cruise on Dec 16-20. I am praying to try to decide whether to write these daily or write them twice a week. I would like input on this. I can receive constructive criticism so I thank you for good and bad. It is all part of the process. So let me hear from you. I will stop putting them on facebook altogether I think. I want feedback on that too. Hear ye hear ye the lines are open. Opinions wanted. Merry Christmas. Also trying to decide on next step to take but definitely want to write something daily, not necessarily to publish. I thank you for all the kind comments that I have received telling me what I wrote was just what you needed that day. Give me your feedback and I will decide from there. I know there have been punctuation or some spelling errors and I will work on that. Give me your input. Thanks for being willing to read these daily. I greatly appreciate it.

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