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Sunday, October 20, 2013


People who steal are called thieves. Some thieves acts are so bad they go to jail or prison if they are caught. Stealing is wrong. Remember in Exodus 20:15(HCSB) it says 'Do not steal'. Pretty straight forward I would say. 

Some people steal and probably do not even think of it as stealing. A few examples would be the obvious one of cheating on income taxes. Maybe you take an ink pen home from work? Do you ever make personal copies on the office copier without permission? There of course are obvious actions you see on the nightly news each evening such as shoplifting, bank robberies, car jacking, breaking and entering. But your "stealing" does not have to be huge to still be classified as stealing. These actions at an office rob your boss of supplies. Maybe you "steal" by playing computer games on the office computer. Not trying to guilt anyone but to make you reflect on your actions and your honesty. In writing stealing another's work and taking credit is wrong. (See the Hollywood movie "The Words")

When a person becomes dependent  on the government to provide for them and feels entitled to money, that is a form of stealing. Others work hard to get money then are taxed outrageously to pay for those who should be out working themselves. Expecting others to give you everything when you make no effort for it at all if you are physically capable is wrong. Even in the Bible it says in 2 Thessalonians 3:10(NIV)  'For even when we were with you, you gave this rule, The one who is unwilling to work' should not eat.'
In the forest when there are "do not feed the bears" signs not only is it for your own protection, but if you feed wildlife they may not work to get their own food. Same with people. If everything is handed to them by the government then why would they bother working? Some feel things are owed to them. So if people make no effort to help themselves it is a form of stealing from those who do. This is not to say people with legitimate needs should not be cared for but many agencies and churches do a great job of that.

Make every effort to lead a life that is honorable before God and man. Be willing to help others and share but be on guard that none of your actions could be interpreted as stealing.  Ask God to help you be above reproach in all you say and do. 

PRAYER: Father forgive me if I have ever "stolen" something innocently and not realized it. Help me to live a life pleasing to you in all areas. I want to be honorable and full of integrity. Guide my actions that they may line up with the word of God. In Jesus' name. Amen. 

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