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Wednesday, October 2, 2013


The movie "We Are Marshall" aired on television a couple weeks ago. It is a true story of what it takes to start from scratch when the odds are against you. Those of you reading this living in the Tri State area of Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia are very familiar with this story. I remember it well as I was a student in high school in Southwest Ohio at the time.

The date was 14 November 1970 when only two miles from the Tri State airport the entire college football team, some boosters, coaches, and other personnel, perished in a airline crash flying back from an out of state game. This movie depicted not the tragedy of the death, but the story or bringing hope back to a community devastated by tragedy. The football team had to start from scratch and had many setbacks on the way. It was a story of believing and not giving up. Rent it sometime if you have not seen it. This story was about starting over after devastation and immense shock and grief.

There are things that happen in life that do make a person want to just quit. Death is a huge one. A loved one dies perhaps at too young an age and people are mad at God or just do not understand why. When the entire team is lost with the exception of a couple back home who did not make the game or a coach who gave up his seat,it is gut wrenching. But this town of Huntington, West Virginia definitely needed hope when it seemed all was lost. Little by little hope was restored and the team was rebuilt and the residents of this community were able to get back to cheering for football and believing in their community.

Are you feeling discouraged, burdened with grief, consumed with anger or sadness? Losses of any kind are extremely hard.

A great Bible verse to cling to and memorize is Psalm 46:1(NIV) which says 'God is our refuge and strength a very present help in time of trouble.' It takes time to heal from tragedy. But through bad things good things can and will happen.
PRAYER: Lord Jesus there are many who have suffered great losses in life. Give us words of comfort to help those around us who are hurting. Father I know you are the great restorer and I thank you for that. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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