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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


A few days ago two cute stray dogs showed up on my back porch. They were friendly and clung together like two little buddies. Out in the country where I live there are not "leash laws" like I was used to being a former urbanite city and town dweller. Anyway these two just hung around waiting to be loved on and ultimately fed. Being the soft hearted person that I am I gave them some cat food. One dog was a lab mix and the other a beagle mix. Both just laid side by side on the porch in anticipation. As they waited they drifted off into nap time.

Sort of reminded me of how Jesus is waiting for us each day to spend time with Him. He waits and does not pester. Like the dogs wagging their tails showing they were friendly Jesus too is sitting and waiting to be loved on by us His children. He waits, and waits some more and yet keeps waiting. We may throw him a "bone" to make him temporarily happy and to have Him settle down till we have time. He is not going anywhere. He waits, waits, and continues to be patient. He is not angry but is sad. Like a loyal pet, He wants attention and affection.

Are you too busy to be bothered? Is your "to do" list so crammed full of the duties of your daily activities that you forget to spend time with Jesus? He is not condemning you for ignoring Him but He sure wants His "children" to want to spend time in His presence and get to know Him. Just like a friend, there is no way to know them well unless you make an effort to go and do things together.

Why not make a daily appointment with the one who loves you more than anything? Each day make Him the most important thing on your list and see what happens. You'll probably end up with more time.

Hebrews 3:15(NIV) says 'As has just been said, "Today if you hear His voice harden not your heart as you did in the rebellion."'
Do you desire to spend time with the Lord? If not ask yourself why not? If you do not know where to begin just talk to Him. Sit down without the television blaring or radio playing and just talk to Him. Perhaps read a chapter in Psalms and just begin your day with Him as your first appointment. What do you think?

PRAYER: Father I am delighted to spend time in your presence. Forgive me because there are times I get distracted and let other things squeeze you out. I know you are sad and Satan is glad. I choose to out you daily on my high priority list. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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