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Tuesday, October 8, 2013


There is a verse in Romans 2:4 which says '...kindness leads to repentance.' That is oh so very true! Being kind to others whether you agree with them, their lifestyle choices, or a host of other things, not only brings unity and peace, but it leads to repentance by sinners. Guess what? All of us are sinners! In Romans 3:23(NIV) says 'we all have sinned and fallen short of God's glory.' All means all.

Human nature tends to label and classify "bad sins" versus "not as bad sins". All sin is sin whether it is murder, lying,rape,fornication, gluttony, homosexuality, abortion, stealing, or cheating. No matter what, Jesus forgives and forgets. It says in Psalm 103:12(NIV) 'As far as the East is from the West, so far He has removed our transgressions from us.' It is "religious" people that are the finger pointers and think they are right. That is very prideful. All people need kindness and the love of others in an unconditional way if they ever expect to be drawn to a relationship with Christ. Eating too much at a church potluck could perhaps get you in the gluttony category.
Don't be finger pointing at others and treating them like they are not worth anything because everyone has a chance to come to Jesus. By harping on someone and trying to change them yourself is the wrong way to have positive change. The Holy Spirit is responsible for convicting and turning from sin.

First take care of your own sins before you condemn others. John 8:11(NLT) says to the woman about to be stoned by committing adultery "...Go and sin no more." Read all of John chapter 8 when you get a moment.

Kindness is the way to reach out to others that we don't like particularly or don't understand or those who have hurt or are hurting us. Some examples would be those with body piercing, tattoos, vulgar language, mentally ill, those people collecting money fraudulently at exit ramps, the drunk, the drug addict, prostitutes, those in the middle east who do not like Christians and want to "kill the infidel", those who push for homosexual marriage, those who want to kill babies in the womb, tyrants in public office, and I am sure you can add to this list.

So today your job is to put Jesus on the throne and leave Him there. Confess to Him any sins that keep you from fully having a life in Christ. Lift up those in prayer that are on the list above that you might be able to love others with Jesus' love.

PRAYER: It is so easy to judge others and when I do this I know you are not pleased with me. Teach me how to pray for others some of which may not even like me. Help me also to remember I am far from perfect. In Jesus' name.Amen.

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