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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Have you ever frantically cried out to Jesus to save you or a loved one or help you? I know I have. The two incidents that come to mind are when I was in a roll over accident and the car tumbled only once thankfully, and then slid on the roof through the grass in the ditch as I cried out "help me Jesus, help me Jesus" and He did. Another time I was in Hawaii snorkeling alone in Hanauma Bay, as my sister was on business and could not join me that day. When you snorkel you should do three things. Have a buddy, wear a life jacket just in case, and observe rip current warning flags on the shore. I was so busy taking underwater pictures I did not realize I had been carried out beyond the people on shore in the current. Here I was in deep water and no people. I was extremely frightened. I screamed out "Help me Jesus, Help me Jesus" and out of nowhere, I kid you not, a young couple appeared and asked if I was okay. I said I was and without them even touching me I had strength to get to shore. I do not know where they went but I am pretty sure they were angels.

So have you cried out to God to help you or help a family member who is struggling with an issue in their life? Perhaps you have cried out in desperation for a family member to be set free from an addiction. Maybe they are caught up in deceptive lies of the enemy and are so blinded they do not think they need help so you cry out on their behalf. I know in Moms in Prayer International there are moms all over the world crying out for the lives of their children. Even Christian moms do not have perfect kids sometimes and go through struggles. These others moms in these groups help you lift up your child in prayer.

Psalm 54:4(NIV) says 'Surely God is my help. The Lord is the one who sustains me.' Psalm 30:10 says 'Hear Lord and be merciful to me, be my help.'. Psalm 118:7 says 'The Lord is with me. He is my helper. I look in triumph on my enemies.' If you do a word search on your computer you can find many verses where it shows God being your helper. He indeed is the ultimate helper.

What is weighing on your heart today? Go to the Lord in prayer. He will sustain you and help you.

PRAYER: Lord I thank you for the many times in life you have been my help to get me over the hump of a worried and anxious spirit. You have physically helped me as well and for that I give thanks. I know I have no earthly control over situations in my life or that of my family but I can and do pray. I thank you for hearing my prayers and giving me peace and being my helper. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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