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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Today I am writing about Psalm 119. It contains so much wisdom and so many topics of spiritual growth and insight. I guarantee you will not be bored reading it so once you have finished this devotion about it, go get your Bible and see for yourself. The main theme is obeying Christ. You will be blessed!!

When you go book shopping and see these 'fat' novels you may feel they would take forever to read. Maybe you see the Bible as way too big and you do not know where to begin. Someone told me once that in their particular denomination they weren't encouraged to bring their Bible to church as the person reading it up front was the 'true authority'. I have news for you. Just because a person has a theological degree does not mean they are closer to God than you or understand the Bible better. You need to take your necessary 'equipment' to church and that includes the Bible. Someone may in fact read it for you or it may be upon a screen, but still it is a good tool to have for reference.

How do you go about reading this massive book.? I often tell people to start with the book of John in the New Testament and go from there. Ideally it is good to get in a Bible study if you can find a good one. For several years while in the military, I was in Officers Christian Fellowship and as a baby Christian went to a Navigators Bible study. Many churches have 'small groups' that meet in homes. When my husband and I were in Arizona for three years we were in a home Bible study where everyone knew Jesus but we did not go to the same church. It was wonderful!

It is important to get plugged in somewhere. As a young married couple this was very important to me and all newlyweds should try to find other Christians to fellowship with. Those days were some of my best Christian memories.

To know the longest book or the shortest book in the Bible it has to be read,studied, and applied. Let me end with Psalm 119:16 which says "I delight in your decrees and will not neglect your word."

PRAYER: Lord I want to make your word the top priority in my life. I know through it I will have the necessary tools to face the battles ahead of me. Forgive me Lord when I neglect you and turn to my own ways. In Jesus name. Amen.


  1. Bible Study helps us grow spiritually. I wouldn't be where I am today in my walk with Jesus, if I hadn't been in a good Bible Study.

    1. I really do appreciate your kind comments. Your blog is pretty good as well. have a blessed day.