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Saturday, October 27, 2012


As I sit in a local coffee shop doing my writing I am sort of hungry as it is getting close to lunch time. In America most of us do not know real hunger and a good majority are overfed. To be hungry, truly hungry, is an awful experience I hope I never have to experience. Look at Third World nations eating some sort of mush out of a wooden bowl or cup and just gobbling it down. Then we in America waste our food and some hungry Americans find it in the dumpsters across our great land and eat what the privileged tossed aside.

But to really be hungry is something I can not fathom. If we go without being fed too long our bodies would shut down and we would not survive. But the worst kind of hunger is hunger for the word of God. Just as our physical bodies need to be fed food to grow, so too our spirit inside of us needs daily 'feeding' as not to wither away and die. How can we be equipped for the battleground of life unless we are prepared with proper spiritual food?

How many of us though think this feeding only should occur on Sunday? Imagine if you would if you only ate food one hour per week and the other 6 days you starved yourself. All sorts of problems would occur in your physical body. How many of us are guilty of starving our spiritual bodies? It is necessary to renew and refresh ourselves on a daily basis to be able to combat the 'arrows' thrown at us by Satan.Some who are starving for God would not even bother reading this devotion.

2 Timothy 2:15 says "Study to show thyself approved by God a workman that need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." Matthew 5:6 says " Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be saved."
Are you hungry for God and the Word of God? If not, maybe you need a spiritual renewal. Try this. Wake up each day and say out loud "thank you Lord for this new day. Use me today in your kingdom work." After that before you get caught up in the mornings activities or head off to a job or start your motherhood duties or whatever else occupies a majority of your time, set aside time alone with God. Read a passage of scripture. I have suggested before to start by reading the book of John or the book of Proverbs. In Proverbs there are 31 chapters so you could read the one corresponding to the date on the calendar. Just a thought. Then as you read ask God to reveal His truth to you. Before you know it you may be hungry for God and spiritual growth. Many do things in churches to stay busy but how much time do you take to nourish your spirit? Seething to think about.Going to church is great but being in love with Jesus and his word happens more than one hour each Sunday.

PRAYER: Father I thank you for each day you give me. Forgive me for the times I have gotten too busy to put you first. I know it is only through reading your Holy Bible that I can learn how to be more like you. Help me to cast off distractions that keep me from you.Also Lord help me to keep quiet if others around me in my family are not hungry for you and to simply pray. In Jesus name. Amen.

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