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Friday, January 7, 2011


In life it is easy when someone does something ugly to get mad and get them back. That is not what God wants us to do. In Romans 12:21 it says, "Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good." "But wait, you do not understand. This person said bad things about me behind my back, lied to the boss about me, and  hurt me." It can be a variety of things. God does not want us to wish evil on people or seek revenge. Instead he wants us to love them despite their ugliness to you. At times depending on the situation this can be difficult to do.

This person who hurt you may be a friend, family member, neighbor, co-worker, or total stranger.(This could even apply to evil tyrannical rulers who do not listen to the people.) Still God does not get much glory and your witness is ruined if you start to be mean and lash back. That is human nature to act like that. God's nature is to forgive even when the person does not deserve it and to just move on. A friend of mine used to say, 'blow it off'. Good advice. Showing love might put lawyers out of business because you give up your right to get back for a wrong suffered. The thing to do is to pray.

Proverbs 24:17 says " do not rejoice when your enemy falls. And do not let your heart be glad when he stumbles." Now that takes a walk of faith and God's help to not say something like, 'well hey he deserves exactly what he is getting." Another good verse is Job 31:29-30 (New Living Translation) which says "Have I ever rejoiced when disaster struck my enemies, or become excited when harm came their way? No, I have never sinned by cursing anyone or by asking for revenge."

If you have never had this happen to you then be thankful but when a person says mean things about you behind your back you somehow may want to set the record straight. All you will do is dig your hole deeper. It is best to ask God to help you and let it go.

PRAYER: Father today if anyone reading this has issues with someone and they feel they are justified to hold on to a grudge help them see it does not do any good and only causes the division to widen deeper. The only person who is happy is Satan because he keeps anger in the heart of the offended one. Help this person to move on and let go and pray for the right attitude and spirit. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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