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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Celebrity News

You shall have no other god's before me. Exodus 20:3

 What is it about celebrities that fascinates us? We are all just people from different walks of like. The Hollywood actor puts his or her pants on the same way I do but they may cost more money.   As I was in the waiting room of my car dealership recently,  I observed the reaction of others in the room when the caption came on TV "Amy Poehler News".  Was I seated with anticipation of what was to come? I was not,  but it sure made lots of folks in the room look up at the screen.

Celebrity status can ruin a person if they are not careful. When sports figures fresh out of college having a signing to play professional sports at millions of dollars, this money could mark their ruin and demise if they are not careful. When a person starts thinking more highly of themselves, that is a recipe for disaster. We should treat all people the same regardless of life stature and not make someone famous our 'god'.

Lots of valuable time that could have been spent in prayer and getting to know God is wasted daily on meaningless news that does nothing for growing us to be more like Christ. If this is your weak area allow God to transform you to making Him the one true celebrity.

PRAYER:Lord I do not want any other "god" to come before you whether it is people who are famous, your alma mater, your job or any activity I regularly put before you. I want to be transformed to put you truly first. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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