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Thursday, July 4, 2013


Today is a day here in these United States we are to celebrate when our nation broke away from tyrannical rule of Great Britain and declared their independence. It has been a wonderful time up until people started misinterpreting the Constitution or Declaration of Independence. Presently there are some judges and leaders who forget that they work for us and have taken it upon themselves to make rules and laws, behind our backs at times, that are corrupt and unconstitutional. Our society is slowly leaving God out of the equation. The term separation of church and state has been misused as well. That was intended to keep the state from the church, not the other way around. Keep praying and do not give up on this great nation!

We in America who love our country love to fly the red, white and blue and listen to patriotic music. Service members love their country so much and freedom so much they are willing to die for it. We love fireworks and celebrations. For many these past few years have been hard as we watch freedoms we had, slowly being taken away by those in government authority intent to dominate us. We call, rally, and write but still we are ignored. What happened to "We The People"? Many are so endeared to a political party they are blind to what is actually happening. God is still on the throne, never forget that.

Psalm 47:8(NIV) says 'God reigns over the nations. God is seated on His holy throne.' When we ignore God and His word we are in danger of judgment. We need to each be familiar with the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. If you have never been able to go to the Nations' Capitol plan a trip there and see all the wonderful monuments to this glorious nation. Visit Arlington National Cemetery as well as the Vietnam Veterans Wall, Korean War Monument, World War II memorial and many others. When you see a former service member with a ball cap on that says World War II or something like that on it be sure to go up and say thanks for putting their lives on the line so we could be free.

Continue to pray for America. A great site to do this is www.presidentialprayerteam.com which this week has streaming broadcast about this special day we are celebrating.Check it out.
Psalm 33:11(NIV) says 'Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.' Freedom indeed can be lost when people become complacent and do not do their part in the democratic process to speak out for liberty. Bible teacher Joyce Meyer says 'If freedom is not protected it will be lost.'

Happy Birthday USA! Let Freedom Ring!!
PRAYER: I thank you Lord for freedom. I thank you that this nation was founded on your laws and on the Holy Bible. We pray for those who do not see dangers of tyranny on the doorstep. Father we need you and we need revival to break out from the church house to the White House. Protect those service members serving us in far off lands and here on our soil. Help us not take our freedom for granted. In Jesus' name. Amen!

Click link for an awesome song to help you celebrate.


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