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Monday, July 29, 2013


What does it mean to be committed? I am not referring to the days when people were "Committed" to a mental institution but the word commitment itself what does it mean and are you are committed person?

Today one of my best friends in Indiana and her spouse, whom she met in college, are celebrating 40 years of Holy matrimony together. As Dave says "Meet Becky my first wife" when he introduces me. I am not saying this to make those who are divorced feel bad because often times there are reasons for divorce such as abuse, neglect, adultery or some reason you had no clue and were blind sided when your spouse dropped the bomb shell on you. God forgives and you can begin anew.

I pray for my son and his wife daily to have a fantastic God filled marriage and do it till death do them part. I believe they will.

Commitment is more than just taking a vow before God to be faithful in sickness and health but it is to be committed to a project also you need to finish. Or to be committed to a friend to follow through on a task you promised to do.

Basically it is responsibility and loyalty to someone. In marriage you put your spouse first or should as you are now a team. Sure you have individual likes and dislikes but you are forged together for life to share life together.

Can you commit to something and follow through? Psalm 37:5(ESV) says 'Commit your way to the Lord , trust in Him and He will act.' Have you ever committed your life to Jesus? Did you feel different? I hope so. Commitment requires time. Are you willing to give time to the Lord to know Him better?

PRAYER: Today Lord I thank you for the ability to be committed. To follow through on a vow or a project. You strengthen me to follow you and to do what I promised. Help me as I seek your face to learn what commitment realy is all about. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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