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Tuesday, May 28, 2013


In the aftermath of the Moore, Oklahoma tornado a school teacher was being interviewed about how she sheltered several students underneath her and one said to her "Don't let us die" and this teacher said they would be okay. She said at that time she prayed,even though illegal in school, and she prayed OUT LOUD. Oh horrors! The atheist folks from the Separation of church and state club, not sure of their exact name, will probably go after her. This is the group that even tried in my own area to get a football team to stop praying before a game. Give me a break! This borders lines on being ridiculous and a serious affront to religious freedom.
I have been around long enough to be able to pray in school and even have the Gideon's give out free Pocket New Testaments. I am not sure they can do that in public schools today. What are these people who oppose prayer so afraid of? It is sad to me to think of the many adults today born after 1963 who may have no idea what I am talking about. If we keep allowing our religious freedoms to be trampled on someday we may find ourselves having to hide to read our Bible or face jail time. This is no joke. It has happened in other countries where the nation has forgotten God.
Our enemy Satan is doing his "thing" and that is working through deceived people to try to remove anything remotely Christian from the United States. We are in a battle for the soul of this country. Even some who do not have time to check my facts would beg to differ with me thinking we are fine. Others grow up perhaps and are led astray by some textbooks that may have removed any mention of our Christian heritage and have come to believe what they see written by these book companies.

Prayer is not going anywhere. 1 Peter 3:15(NIV) says 'But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.'
I am not sure where I heard it but it was said "As long as there are tests there will be prayer in school." Isn't that the truth? I have been blessed for over 16 years to be a part of Moms in Prayer International (formerly Moms in Touch International). This ministry, which was founded by one mom in her Southern California living room in 1984, prays for school children, their teachers and faculty, and the schools they attend all the way through college. There are even groups for career children and military. Check them out at www.momsinprayer.org.
2 Timothy 3:1-6(NIV) says 'Remember this! In the last days there will be many troubles, because people will love themselves, love money, brag, and be proud. They will say evil things against others and will not obey their parents or be thankful or be the kind of people God wants. They will not love others, will refuse to forgive, will gossip, and will not control themselves. They will be cruel, will hate what is good, will turn against their friends, and will do foolish things without thinking. They will be conceited, will love pleasure instead of God, and will act as if they serve God but will not have his power. Stay away from those people.'
Satan is after the very soul of this country and it's children. Stand firm in the battles ahead for we know there will be religious persecution. We are seeing it now. The "uninformed" do not think this scenario can happen in the United States but it can and it is starting slowly. You have maybe heard the saying "Give a man an inch he will take a mile?". Well my friend we are in a battle of good and evil. Stay in the word and stay on your knees. We are not unaware of Satan's schemes.
PRAYER: Lord I thank you that I have the ability to pray. I thank you no power on earth can take away that freedom. Evil men may try to stop us and shut me down but I have my freedom through you alone. I pray for those individuals who are leading others astray and do not know you as their Lord and savior. I will pray and not give up as it says in Luke 18:1. In Jesus' name.Amen.

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