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Sunday, May 12, 2013


 Mother's Day is either a happy occasion or one of sadness. For those who recently lost their moms it can be an emotional time. Even if your mom died several years ago this holiday may be hard to celebrate. It can also be very difficult for those who have either suffered a miscarriage, lost custody of a child due to divorce, had an abortion they regret, had an infant or a child die. Maybe you had an abusive parent and were raised in foster care and that too makes it a hard day to celebrate.

If your mom is still alive celebrate her today. Your mom or your children may be hundreds of miles away but still pick up that phone and call her. Send her flowers. Try to stop if you can and think of all the things she did for you growing up to help you get to where you are today. If your memories are not so glorious try forgiveness and restoration even if she has passed away. Do not let a grudge or hurt fester. Some children forget their moms and this should not happen.

If you harbor resentment towards a mom or even a mother in law or never really had a very good relation with them now is the time to pray for God to help you forgive and not hate. There is a verse in Joel 2:25 which basically says 'I will restore the years the locust has eaten'. After all if it were not for biological moms we all would not be here. If you are adopted just remember you are very special too. Your mom and dad may not have been able to have children but they hand picked you. You are special!
Did you know on this special day there are also moms in prisons across our country? It is true. Try to imagine these women and their children trying to celebrate this day. When Mother's Day comes we often do not think of moms in prison or if we do sometimes do not have compassion for them since they are a criminal. That is not the attitude Jesus wants out of us.
Think of the jobs moms do: counselor, maid services, laundry, short order cook, tutor, finance officer, nurse, motor pool dispatcher, creative artist, proof reader, maintenance, social coordinator, spiritual advisor, mediator, and much much more. You can probably add to this list. Today if you are a man reading this who is married be sure to honor your wife. If your own mothers are still alive do something special for her as well. If you harbor hard feeling ask God to mend your heart and allow you to forgive.
If you are a mom reading this thank the Lord for allowing you the awesome privilege of bringing children into the world. Our jobs as moms ends basically at adulthood but we will always be a mom. Thank the Lord for helping you do the best for your children. If a child has "issues" do not beat yourself up and make Satan believe you messed up somewhere but thank him that you know your child will be okay and that he or she is a gift from God above. Psalm 127:3(NIV) says 'Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from him." I like that word picture. They are a REWARD!! We are blessed!
Today take time to celebrate and give thanks for moms everywhere!
PRAYER: Lord Jesus I thank you for this Mother's Day. Help me never forget the awesome things my mom has done for me. In Jesus name. Amen! (If your are a mom or dad add the following...And thank you Lord for my children!)

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