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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Take warnings seriously and don't be out running around town. Check. Get in storm shelter.Check. Buy transistor radio and extra batteries. Check. Remind friends to get battery powered cell phone chargers. Check. Get bottled water and some canned food for storm shelter. Check. Sign up to take Red Cross Disaster Assistance Class so I can help in next disaster easier than standing in a line to get wrist band. Check.Make sure weather radio has back up battery power. Check. Have faith in God. Check.

It has been one week from today that the historic record setting deadliest outbreak of tornado's in one day, 226 I heard at last count,having an F5 pass just miles from where I live, ravaged this area and the northern part of Alabama. I do not think I was ever really scared. I was concerned especially as I drove home to take shelter and prayed a tree would not fall on my car as I waited in traffic that was not moving in a wooded area. I think we feel we are never going to be hit or will escape danger. But about 250 souls lost their lives to these monster twisters and possibly the death toll could rise. These killed people of all ages, all races and all economic backgrounds. Children, husbands, wives, grandparents, babies and even the family pet. No one was spared. Miracles occurred too. Houses collapsed on top of people and they crawled out of the rubble alive and well. The residents of other homes took shelter in bathtubs and closets which were covered with debris yet the occupants got out alive. A paper cross remained taped to a family room window where F5 winds had blown through. There was lots of sadness too when a family of five was killed in one community sparing  two of the children and another family of four in another community.

Why do things like this happen? Why do some die and others live? There is not a good answer but God can turn bad things into good. He always does. People will be stronger. Families will rebuild and other families will process their grief and move on in life. Deaths are the hardest to deal with and will take the longest to recover from and you may never recover. But we have to move on in life no matter what happens.

Psalm 125:1 says "Those who trust in the Lord are steady as Mount Zion, unmoved by any circumstances."  How about you? Is your faith and trust solidly in the Lord Jesus Christ? If not ask him to be Lord of your life and take control today.

PRAYER: Thanks Jesus for another day of life. Thanks for the sunshine and thanks for the rain. Thanks for situations in my life that help make me stronger. Forgive me for ever blaming you for any bad thing. I praise your name Lord. Help me be a light in the dark world around me and a testimony for you. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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