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Monday, September 30, 2013


Oh that wonderful little mouth. It can be a source of joy or anguish. The words that come out of it can make or break someone's heart and make or break someone's day. That is why the Bible says so much about our words. They can lift up or tear down. They can make a person feel good or make them feel belittled and terrible.

How are you words? Do you gossip? Do you lie? Do you nag? Do you complain? Do you curse? Do you say hurtful things to others? Are your words hopeful and encouraging or do they bring despair and misery? These are just some things to think about.

Your words are extremely powerful. Let's say all you do is sit around and talk about your aches and pains or bad things that might happen. If you do this on a regular basis you get in the habit of starting to feel less than hopeful. There is a verse in Romans 4:17 that speaks of 'calling things as not as though they were' or in other words step out and believe in faith that healing will come or a situation will change instead of filling your mind with doubts, despair, discouragement, and fear all the time. Just do it! Have yourself a little praise fest. Start praising God and lifting your hands up in praise to Him and tell Him how great and mighty He is and the things you are in despair over tend to go away.

I have said in previous writings that bad thoughts are not from God but are Satan. Satan does not give hope but God does. Satan does not restore but God does. Satan does not set the captive free, but God does. Satan does not bring joy, but God does. Only through the power of your believing and speaking positive will you start to transform your words each and every day that come out of your mouth. A friend of mine caught me saying something about not being able to do something cause of my ACL tear and she said "remember Becky, those ladies prayed for you and you are healed!' I needed that gentle reminder.

Today really think about what you say. Are you positive and cheerful or negative and discouraging? Jesus wants you to be joyful. He is not wanting you in torment. He wants you to speak positive. If you want to say something tell Satan to leave you alone and stop tormenting you and putting doubts in your head that cause you to speak in a despairing manner. Have hope my friend! Jesus is Lord!

As I was getting ready to write this devotion I passed a billboard for a local church that had Romans 12:12 and I thought it would be great to end this devotion with. 'Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.'
PRAYER: Lord thank you that when I tend to forget to be positive you are there or me to lift me up. Help me Lord not be a pit dweller and constantly be thinking negative but help me to start being positive and speaking positive. It is the enemy who wants me to feel doom and gloom ,not you. I choose to look up, not down. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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