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Thursday, September 19, 2013


Feel like giving up and quitting? Wondering why God does not hear your prayers? Starting to just give up on the whole "church thing" thinking God does not care and why should I bother with going to church and praying anyway? Friend, God does care for you and it is the enemy Satan who puts the thoughts in your mind that he does not. Satan's trick is to get you to blame God for everything bad in life. Satan is the destroyer and thief, not God! God is the God of Hope and Love.
First off going to church does not a Christian make. Many people feel that is all there is to it. Find a church that is vibrant and alive and you can go and grow in Christ not just one to check the block off. Do not necessarily go to the denomination you are 'used to' as it is not about a denomination anyway but it is about being closer to Jesus. Next, keep on praying and keep on believing. Prayer does indeed change things and bring peace of heart and mind. In the midst of the struggles of life God is indeed there. He does not abandon you.
Luke 18:1 is one of my favorite verses and it simply says to "Pray and not give up". Are you able to do that? Jesus loves you my friend. Stop what you are doing now and "talk" to Him in prayer.
PRAYER: Father I thank you for being my guide, protector, the lifter of my head. I thank you that when the enemy comes in to drag me down you are there to lift me up. I thank you that you are a 24/7 on duty God who I can always pray to around the clock. Forigve me for any doubts I have ever had. I trust in you. In Jesus' name. Amen.
Click on link and be assured that God does love you and hear your prayers.


  1. Becky: Thank you for this 'pep talk', I needed it.

  2. Thank you for your feedback. I am glad it spoke to you.