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Monday, September 16, 2013


Made you look! I am doing a new respectful use of the F word by thinking of all the wonderful clean uplifting F words. Don't wait for society to think of them. The real F word has become slang and almost accepted in society. It should not be said by anyone as it is so crass, crude, and vulgar. But society has stooped to desensitizing the populace little by little to the point that sometimes we forget what is wrong and right and bad or good. Cursing becomes normal. Let's start a new normal.

The good "F words" are Faith, freedom, fun, fearless, forgiveness,first, and friend to name just a few. I challenge you to think of more.

We have "faith" in God and trust that He is watching over us and hears our prayers.

"Freedom" is a gift from God and only Satan or his demonic powers try to keep us in bondage.

"Fun" is the word to describe what a life lived for Christ is. Once again our enemy the devil will try to make you feel like the life lived for Christ is boring and you can't do anything.

"Fearless" meaning we have no reason to fear what is around the bend as God is in control and He wants you to cast your cares on Him.

"Forgiveness" is what Christ does for us. If you sincerely repent of your sins he offers forgiveness. We too are to forgive others and not hold grudges.
"First" is what God should be in your life.

"Friends" are so important. Jesus is our best friend or should be. When our youngest son was just a wee little boy he would always tell us he loved us "one less than God". From the mouth of babes.

So you see all there are many wonderful words starting with the letter F found in the
Bible. Our speech needs to be gracious as if seasoned with salt it says in Colossians 4:6(NIV).

The Bible uses another F word for the time Jesus died on the cross His
last words in John 19:30 were "It is finished! " Now we who are alive
wait for His return.

Is Jesus your friend? Do you have faith? Are you free in Christ? Do
you realize God will forgive your sins? Do you realize you have
mouthing to fear? Do you know a life lived for Jesus is fun!

If you do not know Him why not ask Him into your heart today? He is your Friend that sticks closer than a brother.

PRAYER: Thank you Lord for providing all good things. Thank you Father
for forgiving me when I mess up. I choose this day to not enjoy the
sins of this world but to have fun in the body of Christ. In you I put
my trust. In Jesus name. Amen.

NOTE: For the past 8 days I had been on vacation and when I post my email and blogs I do not have my "Address Book" stored in my IPAD so if any of you missed my devotion during this time and care to read it you can check it out at "www.godslemonadestand.blogspot.com". Thanks again for choosing to start your day with the words God gives me to write.



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