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Thursday, April 26, 2012


In this fast paced technological world we are a part of today, whether we like it or not, it is a challenge to not go overboard on too many busy activities,communication devices, and too much email clutter. We can waste so much time just uncluttering our junk email to get to actual notes from friends. Imagine if your regular mailbox by the roadside  had 100 pieces of junk mail per day. It could get to be a bit overwhelming.

In life we have to manage our time or we can get ourselves way overboard and end up having a mental collapse if we are not careful. I like it on emails that come in when at very bottom it reads "Unsubscribe Here". Yeah!!  You mean I can stop getting this and opt out? Even seemingly good things from Christian groups, news groups, and political items that keep us informed can tend to be time killers if we let them. You have to choose what to read and what to send to the trash.

Your activities you choose to be involved in can be like that. Let's say, for instance you are not working,  and feel you have to justify your existence by jumping into every meeting and every volunteer activity to just fill up your days perhaps to 'prove' to someone you matter .That is not really necessary as you matter tons to God and He is the only one that matters anyway. It is okay to volunteer  but if you are never home and spending more time at church or at a volunteer place and neglect your family and friends then it can be bad. The key is 'balance' as my friend Kim in Iowa used to have on her personalized license plate.

 You may be working full time and still volunteering for committees and clubs. You may in fact have valuable talents and skills but life only has so many days and hours. You need time to relax some too. Our society, at least here in America, tends to be constantly going. Do something and try to drop an unnecessary activity robbing you of precious time or the next time tempted to volunteer stop and just say no for a change.I am not saying to not help others but to have balance and use common sense.

 Get away and alone with God. Consider taking your lunch hour in a park where it is quiet and just praying and 'talking' to God. This would be a great time of physical, emotional, and spiritual renewal.

 The Bible says in Isaiah 30:15 that "in quietness and confidence is your strength." Turn to God and ask him to help you be able to 'unsubscribe' from some of the busyness in your life. Psalm 46:10 reminds us "Be still and know that I am God." How do you expect to 'hear' from God if you clutter up your life and do not leave time for Him?

 PRAYER: Father I thank you for times of refreshment and relaxation and times of peace. I know peace will not happen unless I take an effort to get rid of things in my life that are unnecessary. Forgive me Lord when my schedule has squeezed you out. Give me discernment in which activities to be involved in. In Jesus name. Amen.

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