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Friday, April 27, 2012


 Wednesday 27 April 2011 was a horrible day for storms in the Southeast United States especially here in the area I live close to. Devastating killer tornado's swept through at F4 and F5 intensity, leveling homes, picking up vehicles and tossing them like toys and carrying debris over 80 to 100 miles before it came to rest ,some even in our field here in Tennessee. Unbelievable the force of the winds.

 It is amazing more people did not lose their lives this day. I for one did not realize it was going to be so serious and was out running errands. My husband kept calling saying to get on home. We were spared and I was blessed to get to help several days in the clean up efforts in the nearby communities of Harvest and Toney. When a homeowner sees all they have worked for either gone or laying all over their yard or up in a tree it is a little bit disheartening and hard to take mentally. These folks just needed someone to help them pick up the pieces. What a better time to serve the Lord than by pitching in and helping pick up stuff in yards and talking to homeowners in the process.

'Storms' in general are going to come to everyone in their lifetime. Maybe not in the form of a physical killer tornado but in the form of death, bad news, job loss, failed tests in school, disappointment, rejection, and much more. It is how we handle these 'storms' that matters. Do we just give up and get into a depressed state which is natural or do we cry out to Jesus for his help and comfort? Many get mad at God when 'storms' come into their life. Many storms have a silver lining if we can hang on the 'getting through'  process. James 1:3 says "For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow."

What storms are you going through right now? Do you feel like God doesn't care or you will never see the sun again? It seems that way in the midst of turmoil but there are rainbows after storms and there will be 'rainbows' for you too if you only keep praying, believing and hold on to Jesus.
Luke 18:1 says to "pray and never give up". Can you do that? Can you keep praying in the midst of your troubles? It is the best way to get through it and to get victory and peace.

PRAYER: Lord God I thank you for both the good times and the bad. Thank you that you never leave my side and I find comfort in knowing you are always with me even in the rough spots of life. Help me Lord to learn to run to you and not fear when problems arise .In Jesus name. Amen.

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