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Saturday, January 28, 2012


This devotion could be called the 'ions'. These four things listed in the title can really get us into trouble with people. Assuming, jumping to conclusions when we do not know the facts. Expecting something to be a certain way or like a norm of life and it turns out different can devastate some or burst their bubble. Obsessing over something you can not do anything about is sort of wasted energy. And finally speculating on why things happen the way they do.

These four things can be controlled once we get our mind under the control of the Holy Spirit. If we continually seek to think on 'things above' we will have little time to waste on unnecessary thoughts that drag us down and often make us blurt out things we do not mean. The verse in 2 Corinthians 10:5 says to "..take every thought captive to make it obedient to Christ." To do this it must be purposeful and takes discipline. There is that dreaded word again, discipline. Controlling out thoughts is extremely important as that is the doorway Satan can enter to drag us down into his little pit of destruction. We as children of God are not going to allow that to happen.

Today if you are plagued with these four 'ions' of life make up your mind you will not allow thoughts to come in that will dominate and cause you to worry, assume, expect or obsess over something. It will take practice and self control. Keep your mind on the word of God. Cast down wrong thoughts and even speak out loud, "get behind me Satan. I am not allowing you to make me dwell on unnecessary things."

Philippians  4:8 is a verse have used many times in my writing and it is a good one to commit to memory and especially useful in controlling these 'ions'. It says " Finally brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things." Verse nine goes on to say what then will happen. "whatever you  have learned, heard, or received from me, put into practice, And the God of peace will be with you."

 It won't happen overnight. You have to want to receive victory in this area and ask for Gods'  help to help you overcome these problem areas.

 PRAYER: Lord I desire to have right thinking and to get bad thoughts out of my head. I know by keeping my mind focused on 'things above' I can have victory and win this battle. In Jesus name. Amen.

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