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Monday, September 19, 2016

Peace.....Gotta Love It!

You will keep in  perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast,because they trust in you. Isaiah 26:3

As I sat recently in a customer waiting area of my car dealership with four male customers, the area remained quiet. Yes there was a television but not one of the men turned it on. It was probably so odd that no noise was coming from the waiting area that the customer service guy popped his head in and said "Feel free to turn on the television" yet it remained silent. I loved it! On this day it was sunny with clear skies out the window of the room I was in. Just a calmness prevailed.

Do you allow yourself moments of peace to think, unwind, relax and just be still? There are those whose lives may be so chaotic they feel there is no time to just sit and be still. I know some whose jobs keep them hustling and they feel there is no extra time to just not do anything. You almost have to just schedule it. Granted that may be hard in some lines of work but try never the less. Moms may have to lock themselves in their closet to have quiet.

Try this if you can. Maybe just go to a park if it is not blazing hot out and park your locked car in the shade, keep the radio off, turn off your phone, and just be still. Maybe take your Bible and read some Psalms. Perhaps your favorite non alcoholic cold beverage. The more you try to do this the easier it may become. As for me, it is nearing time for me to do my DAWG day or 'Day Alone With God' where you go somewhere you feel safe and sit on a park bench, picnic table, by a stream, etc and for a couple hours just have time with Jesus. Give it a try.

PRAYER: I thank you for those moments in life where I can just sit and rest and know you are God. Help me not think I always need distractions of noise but learn to get away with you. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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