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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Technical Difficulties

Until further notice my writing can be found on godslemonadestandblog.Wordpress.com
Google shut me down for two days and said I violated their policies. I have not a clue unless it means something I wrote was considered what the world likes to call 'hate' speech. Until I get to the bottom of it and do not want to be shut down again you can do one of two things. Go to Facebook and LIKE  my Facebook page entitled 'God's Lemonade Stand' or sign up for my new Wordpress blog I created. Thanks so much. Christians are being censored whether we like it or not so I do not want to lose access to my six years of writing or my gmail account so I am treading lightly till I am able to resolve this. To get my new email message me privately. Pray please. Love in Christ.

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