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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Art Of Stillness And Peace

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10

The world we live in sort of honors and rewards busyness or so it seems. How many of us feel guilty if when someone asks us how we are we say "Busy" as if to not be busy means we must be some sort of societal loser or have no value. I have news for you, you are allowed to have some down time and it is okay to just sit on a park bench without a mobile device or book and just be still. 

Try scheduling stillness into your day. Yes I know some careers such as doctors have very little down time but whatever you do whether a stay home mom, a career person, a student, a grandma or grandpa, a teacher, or a myriad of other titles, learn that it is okay to not do anything every now and then. Recently when I waited almost two hours for a doctor appointment I observed others in the large waiting area. Most were occupied on their cell phones. Very few were just sitting there. When you get  busy somehow God gets squeezed out too and that is not a good thing. 

This week make up your schedule or to do list and list quiet time with God and also sit and be still time. Listen to birds, take a walk, or just lie down. Every one needs time to be still. 

PRAYER: I am guilty of feeling like I have to prove my worth by staying constantly busy. Help me learn to sit and be still and do nothing every now and then. Also I never want to allow busyness to push you to the side of things Lord. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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