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Sunday, September 30, 2012



As I was in the drive thru of my local fast food restaurant recently I noted the looks of the peoples faces in their rear view mirrors. The lady behind me looked like she was having the  most terrible day. I was wondering how my face looked to others if they were to see my face in the rear view mirror. Is it happy, joyful with a smile on it? This is something you probably don't give much thought to. Do you appear content? If not, what is there to frown about?

Do you want your face to reflect the joy of the Lord even when you think no one may see you? I am not expecting you are going to smile all your waking hours  but it sure is more pleasant.

There was a song several years ago entitled 'Put On A Happy Face' and part of its' lyrics were as follows "Gray skies are going to clear up, put on a happy face,Brush off the clouds and cheer up, put on a happy face." When a problem consumes our every waking moment  it may be difficult to 'put on a happy face' and the remedy for this is trying to focus on your blessings. Believe it or not, everyone has things to be thankful for. Get out a sheet of paper and start listing some things you ate thankful for. It might surprise you.

Make an effort each day to focus on the good and not the bad in your life. Satan will do what he can to keep your thoughts off God and joy by causing you fear , worry, and doubt. Phillipians 4:8 says " Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable think on these things."  It sure is easier to have a happy face in the mirror when you let Jesus lift you higher than your problems.

Don't spend your time worrying about things down here it says. Once you have developed this spiritual discipline of thinking good thoughts that smile will naturally follow.

PRAYER: I thank you Jesus that the joy of the Lord gives me strength. I thank you that the enemy has no power over me and I will not allow him to cause me a lack of contentment. In Jesus name. Amen.

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