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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Are you the kind of person who wants to please and likes to be liked? For those of us suffering from this malady we have to really trust Jesus and give things over to Him. We can imagine things that aren't true at all. For those who like to be liked, Facebook can be particularly hard when someone unfriends you. Ouch! Many put too much stock in this social media anyway when we should be concentrating on developing one on one friendships and spending more time alone with the Lord each day. Not everyone is going to like you and it is not really necessary to know everything is it? The good news is God loves you. Try to be work on knowing God and not worry about people. Someone may like you one day and not the next or they could use you if you know certain people or have something they need.

If we really concentrated on Jesus and being more like him, this issue should not even have to surface but to some of us it is a real struggle. Maybe something from childhood causes it, I am not really certain. If you are troubled by this turn this over to the Lord. He cares for you and wants to comfort you and have you be victorious in this area. The Lord loves you with all your little quirks.  You do not drive Him nuts, exasperate Him, or bore Him. He made you and He loves you warts and all. Sometimes our sinful behavior doesn't please Him but he is still our 'daddy'.He is sad when you sin as it separates you from Him. But he won't reject you.
In John 12:42-43 it says "But many people believed in Jesus. Even many of the Jewish leaders believed in Jesus. But they were afraid of the Pharisees. So they did not say openly that they believed. They were afraid that they would be put out of the synagogue. These men loved praise from people more than praise from God." are you guilty of this? Are you one way with some people and totally different with others. The key is to be yourself and allow God's love to flow through you to those you meet each and every day.
Put Christ first and do not worry about trying to please mere man. Do you best and God will do the rest.
PRAYER: Lord I thank you for being my best friend. I thank you for loving me even when I have broken your heart. I thank you that you show unconditional love and I likewise need to show unconditional love to those around me. My strength and hope is in you and you alone.In Jesus Name. Amen.
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