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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Disappointments, problems, hurt, being ignored or overlooked, rejection, fear. Who or what is shaping you? Are you being squeezed into the worlds' mold or are you trying to be molded by the spirit into a vessel for the Lord? Oftentimes the 'world' with its images of success confuse us and make us feel discontent. God created each person for a purpose and it was not to covet other peoples' things or desire to be like a Hollywood Star, Wall Street Mogul, or NY Model. Each of us has a place where God wants us to be. If you are in a certain place in life others look up to and which you no doubt worked hard for, stay humble and stay pliable for God. The main thing is we should desire to be formed and molded into a Christlike image. It should be our all consuming desire.

It says in Isaiah 64:8 that "He is The potter and we are the clay." Think about that for anyone who has ever done pottery. You take a big chunk of clay and start slapping it around to form the image you want before you put it in a kiln to fire it. So it is slapped and kneaded and then set in a very hot oven. Our trials we go through in life may not seem pleasant but they are used to conform us to His image.
Are you able to praise God through hardships of life? Death, illness, job loss, rejection by peers, and many other devastating things? These are all things occurring on the 'potter's wheel' of life. In the end all that matters is our relationship with the Lord.
PRAYER: Lord sometimes it hurts to be shaped and molded on your Potters' Wheel but I am thankful for everything in my life for it is making me into the person you want me to be. Help me Lord keep on the track of life that molds me into your image and not the worlds'. In Jesus Name. Amen.
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Reading assignment: In the Old Testament Jeremiah Chapter 18

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  1. Yes, God molds us every day. He helps us through the tough times and shapes us as we go endure the traumas of life.