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Monday, June 25, 2012


Another title for this devotion could be 'God Allows Do-Overs' . A week or so ago I was having an absolutely awesome morning. All green lights while driving, sunny outside, anticipating the arrival of my son and his then fiancee, now wife, when I lost my car keys. For several hours after that I had gone on with life and made alternate back up plans. I tried to put this problem out of my mind so as not to wreck the day of my arriving son and his future wife. A dear friend rescued me and saved the day til I was able to locate my keys. This got me to thinking about 'not sweating the small stuff' or trying to let things go that are overwhelming you in life. We sometimes make big fires out of a tiny little spark when we overreact to something and act like it is the end of the world.

When you are in the midst of chaos besides trying to calm down, take a deep breath and thank God for the day. Give the situation, whatever it is, over to him. It is frustrating when life throws a curve ball at you or a seemingly little issue flares up into a gigantic one. The best advice to myself and to others when an anxious spirit creeps in threatening to overwhelm you and spoil your day is to sit back and say "Lord I know this too shall pass. Help me Lord to trust you that things will in fact work out." Then try as best as you can to move on to something else and commit that issue bothering you to the Lord.

The verses I want to leave with you today are Isaiah 26:3 which simply states "You will keep in perfect peace  those whose minds are steadfast,because they trust  in you." Basically in a nutshell this means to keep your thoughts on God and not your problem. Depending on what the problem is sometimes it can be challenging. God can and will see you through  and as the famous movie line from 'Gone With The Wind' says "Tomorrow is another day". Finally Isaiah 43:18 says "Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past." Now go 'seize the day' and give your concerns to the Lord.

PRAYER: Father many times things in life throw us off course and can tend to get us upset or worried. Lord the human reaction is to 'freak out' but you want our reaction to be trusting you with our problems and going on about life. Help me Lord to be able to do this each and every day when I feel powerless or hopeless. I want to look to you for my strength at all times. In Jesus Name. Amen.

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