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Saturday, June 9, 2012


Lately I have been writing lots about sin. In these United States it seems laws are made  protecting and encouraging some sorts of sin. This is very disheartening and must break God's heart.  Some churches are afraid to even preach about sins and would rather stay neutral in this moral culture war we are in. Preachers, rabbi's, and priests who claim to be walking with the Lord need to have strength and courage to confront these issues and not cave in and brush them under the carpet. They need to speak the truth. And if a particular political party or leader is identifying with sinful activities a believer should ask themselves should they really identify themselves with them just because their family has always voted a certain way. Vote as if God were standing next to you at the polling place.

There are more sins other than just the obvious ones of abortion and same sex marriage which currently are in the political arena. There is no such thing as the 'worst sin'. Murder, lying, gossip, gluttony, adultery, sodomy, stealing,dishonesty,  sex outside marriage, divorce, lust, cursing,thinking wrong thoughts,  deception, and many more things separate you from God. The good news is God can forgive and forget your sins if you truly repent and go and sin no more.

In John 8:11 when speaking to the woman caught in adultery Jesus said "..Neither do I condemn you now Go and sin no more." If you are truly remorseful and come to Him and pray, He forgives you. Psalm 103:12 says " As far as the East is from the West, so far has he removed our transgressions from us." It is Satan who tries to condemn you and make you feel that what you have done could never be forgiven. Satan is a liar and will try to get you to dwell on past mistakes and not God's forgiveness and grace.

We all are sinners saved by grace. God loves you and he wants you to lead a life pleasing to Him. Today search your heart and ask yourself if anything in your life goes against the teachings in the Bible. Further ask yourself "If Jesus was here would I engage in this activity?" This might change allot of what you do.

PRAYER: Lord thank you that you are a God who listens, cares, and forgives. Thank you that you love me no matter what I have done. Father it is my desire to please you in all things. In Jesus name. Amen.

Disclaimer: Occasionally You Tube attachs ads to their songs and does not care that they are inappropriate for Christian songs. I apologize for any ads that may be on that are offensive. Simply click 'skip ad' and enjoy the worship song. Satan is trying to get into even these song attachments.

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