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Sunday, June 24, 2012


Do you ever catch yourself complaining and saying it is a lousy day? First if you are reading this in and live in America you have much to be joyful about because currently we still have most of our God given freedoms. Many take them for granted. Think about the things you can do and places you can go with total freedom. It is astounding. Next, more than likely you have adequate food on your table and are not going hungry. Also don't you have a job? It may not be perfect but you have an income and are taking care of yourself and your family? If you are blessed to be able to stay home to raise children many do not have that luxury so give thanks. Do you drive a car? Maybe it is a clunker but it gets you there right? So really all in all your life isn't that bad and each day is a gift from God and does not have to be bad. It is in your attitude.
Philippians 2:5 reminds us that " your attitude should be the same as in Jesus Christ." Further in Philippians 2:14 it says " Do everything without complaining or arguing." Try to get rid of wrong thoughts. If you are thinking negative thoughts try to get rid of bad thinking and replace it with good thoughts. When you start to slip into negativity stop and think of something you are thankful for. Another good verse also found in Philippians is 4:11 which says " I am not saying this because I am in need for I have learned in whatever state I am in to be content."
So whether it is oversleeping and being late to a meeting, losing your luggage at the airport, having a scary medical report, or perhaps having a friend treat you ugly, you have to rise above your situation and know 'this too shall pass' and trust God is at work for your good. Forget your problem, give it to God, and pursue a peaceful spirit in the midst of chaos.
PRAYER: This is your day Lord and no matter what happens today help me keep a good attitude through it all. Forgive me when I have worried and been frustrated and did not trust you to see me through a particular problem. I know with you I can have peace and less frustration. My desire is to seek peace no matter what. In Jesus name.Amen.
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