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Saturday, February 5, 2011


What exactly is integrity and do you possess it? First some questions. Do you pay for one movie but then sneak into another one feeling like you are entitled to because they charge so much? Are you a McDonald's customer who buys their cup of coffee which comes with free refills then assumes that means 'for life' and drags your old cup around in car and each time you pass McDonald's go in for your 'free' cup? If you are on an airplane and you use one of their blankets to stay warm do you feel justified keeping it and sneaking it in your carry on because, hey, I paid a ton of money for my ticket so I should get it? In the office where you work do you take home office supplies such as paper clips, ink pens or rubber bands? I would think that would be stealing from your employer. Do you use your office copy machine for personal things such as copying Sunday school papers, tax papers, and other items that have nothing to do with work? When you go someplace that is apparently free admission but they ask for an 'honor' fee do you pay it? Do you take towels from motels? If a clerk gives you too much change do you give it back?

All these scenarios mentioned above boil down to two things, lack of integrity and stealing. Stealing?? Yes taking things that do not belong to you is stealing and the Bible clearly tells us in Exodus 20:15 says "Thou shalt not steal". Yes taking things like mentioned above is wrong. So is stealing the bosses time using Facebook at work and things like that.

Out where I live there is a road called "You Take It". I am not joking, this is the actual name of this country road. In the almost 6 years I have lived out in Tennessee this road sign gets stolen at least once a month. After all it says "you take it" so the thief is just doing what he is told, right? Wrong! It is still taking property that is not yours and stealing road signs is a worse offense and can get you into serious trouble if caught. Sometimes young high school students take things they think is funny such as traffic cones off  the highway, mugs from restaurants, towels, and various other things. The sins of my youth  as the Bible calls it. Psalm 25:7 says "Remember not the sins of my youth, nor my rebellious ways and according to your love remember me, for you are good, O lord."

All of us have sinned and not met the mark at times. (See Romans 3:23). If you are guilty of anything listed above first you have to be convicted by the Holy Spirit of your wrong or you can not truly repent of it.

I have a funny story. Back when I lived in Arizona I was taking a short hike in The Grand Canyon on one of the top trails and picked up a rock. I love to get rocks from hikes especially out West.I have a collection of sorts. A sign clearly stated to not remove rocks from the park. But I did it anyway. Upon arriving home I became super convicted of the wrong of my action and packed the little rock up and mailed it back to the park ranger. I did not include my name, just a note. I later heard stories of others doing this because of some superstition of what would happen to you. Mine was not superstitious worry, but the fact it was just wrong to do this when it asked us not to. 

When I was stationed at Ft.Campbell, KY in the early 80's a former soldier wrote a letter to the editor of the post paper stating that he was returning an Army blanket he had taken when he had been stationed there. He went on to say he had become a Christian and was convicted what he did was wrong so was returning it. What an impact that letter had on me and others who read it too I am sure!

So where are you at in all this? All I can advise is to do the right thing.

PRAYER: Dear Lord help me truly know right from wrong and good from evil. Forgive me for not always living up to excellent standards you want me to. Lord God I know all I need to is confess my sins to you and you will forgive me and forget as well. Thanks for being like that Lord. In Jesus name Amen.  

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