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Monday, January 2, 2017

The Orange Jumpsuit

"Do not judge others, and you will not be judged." Matthew 7:1

As I drove into Huntsville one morning I noticed along side the road many young men in Department of Corrections Orange jump suits on litter patrol under the watchful eye of their police escort. Have you ever considered praying for these inmates as you pass by them? 
Those who messed up in a big way but out on good behavior of sorts picking up trash along our highways have feelings too. As a result of bad family upbringing, getting in the wrong crowd, inappropriate impulsive behavior, criminal activity,  DUI, hit and run and other things,  they are now incarcerated in the local jail for a period of time and being semi rehabilitated by doing community service.  That could be your child, your grandchild, your cousin, your friend, your former co worker, your parent or yes even you! 

It is so easy to condemn and judge others. None of us are without fault. When you see these individuals just think about God's grace and be thankful you are not out there with them. Mistakes are made in life and don't be so high and mighty to think you are immune from that orange jumpsuit. I have known people who have worn them and through their trials they grew stronger and learned many lessons and often are drawn closer to God. Just remember when you see a man or woman out there in their orange jumpsuit to pray God would bring them closer to Him and deliver them. 

PRAYER: Lord help me make wise choices and to slow down and think before I act on things. Help me stay honest and full of integrity. In Jesus' name. Amen.  

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