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Tuesday, December 13, 2016


It is still not too late to order a copy or two of my book God's Lemonade Stand autographed by me and personally shipped to an address you provide to me via private message. Books are $10 and $3 extra media mail. This price is for Continental US only. This would make excellent gift for unsaved relative or friend. Maybe a gift exchange. Perhaps an office co worker. I can also mail the book to whoever you want and have gift bookmarks a friend designed for me that would announce your gift. If giving sips of Jesus word to a friend, co worker or family member interests you I have a few copies of my book at home still and to guarantee Christmas delivery need your order by 19 December. Maybe you are reading this and have not had chance to get one yet, well let me know and we can take care of that.
IF you are one of my blog readers from overseas I can still get the book to you. Just have to calculate coats.
Or if you don't need autograph order right on Amazon.com Or Barnes and Noble.com and many other sites.
Merry Christmas.

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