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Thursday, March 10, 2016

No Other gods

"You shall have no other gods before me". Exodus 20:3
There is only one true God. We are to worship only Him. But how many of us look to many other idols or god's to satisfy us? I thought about this during the recent broadcast of the Academy Awards in Hollywood. How many people idolize celebrities? I have done it, I confess. The children of the legendary Olympic Gold Medalist in Track and Field, Jesse Owens, whose life is depicted in the recent hit movie release 'Race' said as children, they were unaware their dad was famous. There wasn't TV like today and all the hoopla. Now we elevate celebrities almost above God.

Maybe your 'god' isn't a person, but instead a hobby, the lottery, a career, an obsession of sorts you spend most of your free time on. Our lives need proper balance in order to insure what is important truly is identifiable as important, not just because we say it is. Do you elevate anything else higher than God? Think that over and ask God to reveal to you if you do and convict you of it. 
The Oscars sadly push agendas and in many ways are devoid of God. I keep waiting for a recipient to look up and thank Jesus for their talent and success. I choose to not watch them and try to be careful what films I go to as well. Above all pray for these 'mere men'. We need Jesus. Pure, plain, and simple. Hollywood needs Jesus. Pro athletes need Jesus. Presidents need Jesus. Go seek Him and Him alone today and everyday. He is way better than Oprah or The National Championship in Football.

PRAYER: I am ever so grateful to live in a time when I can go to movies and watch hundreds of TV stations and also have so many things available for me to do. Help me Father to search my heart and make certain nothing I do is being elevated to a god like status. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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