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Friday, February 13, 2015

Bad Friends Corrupts Morals

A companion of fools suffers ruin. Proverbs 13:20

This devotion is about happens when we hang out with the wrong kind of people. This is especially important as parents of young children who pray for the right kind of friends and future spouses, as we know since one bad friend can change the course of a life. But it is important in all stages of life as the friends we choose, can indeed make us or break us. "One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch", the saying goes. Also a bad friend can lead to a life of misery as well.

Now what about witnessing and winning the lost to Christ you may say? That indeed is crucial but we are not to hang out and be imbedded in the lifestyle of people we know purposely are doing things against the law or the Bible or before we know it we could become desensitized. But you still need to be kind to all types of people and show them God's love just do not get sucked down into their pit with them. After all God was a friend of the sinners and those society cast off. 

A rule of thumb in selecting friends is to ask yourself, "Do my friends lead me closer to God or away from Him?" Now this is not to say you can not befriend unchurched people but if you knowingly hang out with people doing things against the will of God is what I am referring too. If we do not hang out with unchurched friends then how will they ever know of the love of Jesus? Break out of your holy huddle but use caution in doing so.

My prayer for my own children, who are now adults, is a simple one. In John 17:15 it says "My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them from the evil one." We are in the world. We can not live in a bubble. Evil is out there. Be a light in the darkness around you.This friend thing is important in the adult world too as business people can get caught up in schemes to cheat and steal just to make more money so even at work be careful. Witness and be salt but stand up for the truth and for righteousness.

PRAYER: Lord guide my steps each day and let me not wander from the path you have chosen for me but protect me if I do. In Jesus' name. Amen.


  1. Becky: We have to approach each circumstance with caution. People sometimes meet these situations with judgmentalism. We have to rely on the Lord during these times.

  2. I was a born again Christian until I discovered the following:

    1. The Bible is not inerrant. It contains many, many errors, contradictions, and deliberate alterations and additions by the scribes who copied it. The originals are lost, therefore we have no idea what "God" originally" said. Yes, its true---Christians can give "harmonizations" for every alleged error and contradiction, but so can the Muslims for errors in the Koran, and Mormons for errors in the Book of Mormon. One can harmonize anything if you allow for the supernatural.

    2. How do we know that the New Testament is the Word of God? Did Jesus leave us a list of inspired books? Did the Apostles? Paul? The answer is, no. The books of the New Testament were added to the canon over several hundred years. Second Peter was not officially accepted into the canon until almost the FIFTH century! So why do all Christians accept every book of the New Testament as the word of God and reject every non-canonical "gospel"? Answer: the ancient (catholic) Church voted these books into your Bible. Period.

    There is nowhere in the OT or the NT where God gives men the authority to determine what is and what is not his Word. If Second Peter was really God's Word, the entire Church should have known so in the first century.

    3. Who wrote the Gospels? We have NO idea! The belief that they were written by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John is based on hearsay and assumptions---catholic tradition. Protestants denounce most of the traditions of the Catholic Church but have retained two of the most blatant, evidence-lacking traditions which have no basis in historical fact or in the Bible: the canon of the NT and the authorship of the Gospels.

    The only shred of evidence that Christians use to support the traditional authorship of the Gospels is one brief statement by a guy named Papias in 130 AD that someone told him that John Mark had written a gospel. That's it! Papias did not even identify this "gospel". Yet in 180 AD, Irenaeus, a bishop in FRANCE, declares to the world that the apostles Matthew and John and the associates of Peter and Paul---Mark and Luke---wrote the Gospels. But Irenaeus gives ZERO evidence for his assignment of authorship to these four books. It is well known to historians that it was a common practice at that time for anonymously written books to be ascribed to famous people to give them more authority. For all we know, this is what Irenaeus did in the case of the Gospels.

    The foundation of the Christian Faith is the bodily resurrection of Jesus. If the story of the Resurrection comes from four anonymous books, three of which borrow heavily from the first, often word for word, how do we know that the unheard of, fantastically supernatural story of the re-animation of a first century dead man, actually happened??

    Maybe the first book written, "Mark", was written for the same purpose that most books were written in that time period---for the benefit of one wealthy benefactor, and maybe it was written simply as an historical novel, like Homer's Iliad; not meant to be 100% factual in every detail, but a mix of true historical events as a background, with a real messiah pretender in Palestine, Jesus, but with myth and fiction added to embellish the story and help sell the book! We just do not know for what purpose these books were written!

    I slowly came to realize that there is zero verifiable evidence for the Resurrection, and, the Bible is not a reliable document. After four months of desperate attempts to save my faith, I came to the sad conclusion that my faith was based on an ancient superstition; a superstition not based on lies, but based on the sincere but false beliefs of uneducated, superstitious, first century peasants.