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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Wear Your Hat

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. Matthew 5:6

Recently it got frigidly cold here in the mid south. I'm a northern girl and I can deal with it but many Southern natives don't even wear a hat or gloves when the temperature plummets to below freezing. While I was writing this it was spitting snow flurries here in Huntsville, Alabama yet I saw few people with a cap or gloves on to keep warm. 

In our walk with the Lord we too need to stay protected. This 'protection' comes from knowing and studying God's word and being able to use it against our enemy, Satan, when he throws his fiery darts at us. Darts of doubt, fear, illness, worry, pride, confusion, bitterness, jealously, and a host more. Get into the Bible and memorize verses you can speak out loud to the enemy when he tries to lie to you and take you down the wrong path. God's path leads to life and Satan's path leads to destruction. Which do you prefer? 

Just like a person is ill equipped to fight off the winter chill without proper clothing, we too as believers will have a hard time fighting our enemy if we do not know the word of God.
Satan tricks us into thinking Sunday for one hour is enough. It is indeed a good thing to do but you have to do way more to grow in Christ and be prepared for daily spiritual battles. Make this year the year you choose to know more about Jesus and protect yourself from enemy attacks.

PRAYER: Lord you are good,all the time. I have been guilty of not spending time with you and I want that to stop. When the enemy tries to get me to make excuses I choose to say to him, "man can not live by bread alone"! In Jesus' name. Amen.

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  1. This is just what we need to hear.Let us get into the Word of God and let it instruct us.