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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Four Men

He created them male and female and blessed them. And he named them "Mankind" when they were created. Genesis 5:2

When I arrived at my doctor appointment for a follow up visit a few days ago I was the only female in the office. There were four men in the waiting room and everyone that came in was also male. I decided to silently pray for these men that they would be the men of God that He wanted them to be. I prayed that their families were thriving and intact. I prayed that they would be the spiritual head of their home or ask Jesus to be Lord of their life.

In our world today,men are often the butt of jokes in commercials or television shows. Sometimes they are made to look like bumbling idiots. This is wrong because God designed the man to be the strong one,the provider,the head of the house and so it goes. Many liberated women do not like this scenario but it is the way God intended it from the Garden of Eden. I did not make it up. This does not mean men are better or are to lord over women like they do in the Muslim culture, but that they are designed by God to do certain things. 

Many of the problems of our world we see on nightly news are a result of the breakdown of the family or the absence of a father figure in the home. Dads, you are important. Your kids need you regardless of their age. They need your imprint in their lives.  Your are important. 

PRAYER: Lord Jesus you designed a perfect creation. It is only mankind that has messed it up. You want man to be head of the house. We know this does not mean they are better but this is plan for a good life. Help me not resent this and bring honor and respect to those men in my life and for men praying this prayer help them to be the men you called them to be. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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  1. Becky; I once had a conversation with a lady who was an educator. I asked, "What caused the breakdown in our educational system?" Her answer surprised me,"The breakdown of the family." As I thought about this, I realized she made a very valid point. Thank you for your thoughts. Blessings on you and yours this Thanksgiving,