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Sunday, November 16, 2014

My Hospital

When the  Pharisees saw this they said to His disciples,"Why is your teacher eating with the tax collectors and sinners?" But when Jesus heard this He said, "It is not those  who are healthy who need a physician but those who are sick." Matthew 9:11-12

Church is not just supposed to be just a 'Ra Ra club' for believers or 'holy huddle' but instead is a 'hospital' for the sick, hurting, lonely, rejected, bitter, broken, or in other words a place where people go to 'get spiritually and emotionally' well. The routine of many is to make a habit of Sunday worship which is fine but make sure you are attending a dynamic church where you hate to have to leave after the service is over.
Each of us never stops having a need for the savior. We may think we do but we need Jesus in our lives 24/7 to have a life truly sold out to Him. All of us have some sort of 'issue' in our lives and we need healing. That is what church is for, to be healed and set free. 
What is you need to be healed or set free from?God's hospital, the church, is waiting for you now. No appointment necessary. 
PRAYER:I am thankful for the men and women You have called to share the good news each Sunday. I pray for those who do not have a desire to worship that you will give them a hunger for you. I love going to your 'Holy hospital'.
Click link to listen to a song of praise and worship.http://youtu.be/CoxopsRSfdU

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