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Saturday, November 2, 2013


 Not only is it that time we Americans in most states change our clocks but also the time we as believers need to remember to "spring ahead" into new opportunities and "fall back" out of the old ones holding you back from having a closer walk with the Lord. Similar to the new year when resolutions are made this could be a time to drop off old bad habits, or fall out of them, and spring into a new you and new promises and hopes.

What in your life do you need to let go of or what new things do you need to embrace? What a perfect opportunity to do this. As you "wind back" your clock "wind back" problems in your life. Give them to God and let them go. What is it you have been meaning to do? Why not spring ahead and go for it?

Isaiah 43:18(ESV) says 'Remember not the former things nor consider the things of old.'

Wouldn't you like a fresh start? Commit starting NOW to repent of sins holding you back and trust God to make new brand new. He restores, forgives, redeems, and sets free so why not let Him?

PRAYER: Wow Lord I get an opportunity to let things go. I can remember as I set my clock back tonight to set forth on a new journey with you allowing you to make all things new. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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  1. I never thought about this as being a time to shed bad habits. Thank you for your timely post.