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Thursday, August 29, 2013


For those people who are "into" all the social media sites, every now and then a
message is on the screen "trending now on..." Fill in the blank. I
have a great idea. "Trending now on God's network are freedom, love,
hope, redemption,forgiveness, mercy, joy among other things". Wouldn't that be great to see? Instead of getting a dose of all the Hollywood gossip, which does not matter in the big scheme of things, why not see what's up with the things of the Lord?

You connect to His "network" by prayer, Bible reading, and Bible
study. He is always in style and "trending", although many do not
acknowledge Him except on those infamous "mandatory religious
holidays" of Easter and Christmas. There is a whole lot more to our
savior and King and if you want to find out pick up that Bible and let Him be a trend 365 days a year!

Truths are found in the Bible that will free you from bondage and help you have new life in Him. Satan has his bait and traps out trying to capture each one of us. You may be caught in his web of lies and deceit now and not even recognize that you are. The Bible can help you have the power to defeat the enemy.

Pastor Kerry Shook said on a recent television broadcast that "Satan has a BB gun which can not stand up to God's heavy artillery". That is oh so true! Satan just loves to get believers off course and get them involved in sins and say "well the Bible is not up to date. It has to change with the times." The Bible never changes. Sin is sin whether a law is made to protect it or not. Christians are indeed in a battle especially in these United States. It is essential to know the truth and study the word of God. God's word has power to defeat Satan.

Truth becomes lies and lies become truth. Good becomes evil and evil
becomes good. Don't think it can't happen to you as it can. Isaiah 5:20(NIV) says 'Woe to those who call evil good and good evil.Who put darkness for light and light for darkness. Who out bitter for sweet an sweet for bitter.'

Today it is time to take a stand for Jesus and to saturate your life with Him and pray for those people you may know caught up in believing lies of the enemy. Make Jesus your "trend."

PRAYER: Thank you Father that your word never goes out of style. Mankind can try to change it and distort the word but we know it is true. Lord I lift up those people now being deceived into believing lies. Help them out of the darkness. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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