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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


 You may have heard someone say something to the effect that if God wants them to do a certain thing that maybe they do not want to, then He will have to hit them with a lightening bolt. God could do that if in fact he wanted to and of course the person would survive to do God's work or live for God or whatever it is God has planned for them.

God can give you a "wake up call" if He has to. He did it in the Bible many times. In Jonah chapter 1 in the Old Testament you may recall the story of Jonah not wanting to go to Nineveh to tell the people if they did not repent God would destroy their city. He ran away from God, which by the way is impossible as He knows where you are and there is no hiding. Read Jonah chapter one right now if you have your Bible handy.

Then there was the account of Daniel in the lions den found in Daniel chapter 6 in the Old Testament. (Read that as well). The evil rulers thought Daniel was killed and when they opened the doors of the den they saw the lions just lying there and Daniel very much alive! God had shut their mouths so they did not harm Daniel. Never doubt the awesome power of our mighty God even when a situation seams hopeless or impossible,

What are you waiting on? Your situation may not be as dire but know that God does care and He is in control and has a plan. Do not lose hope. A wayward child, a new job, a financial miracle, release from a court battle, healing, and a host of other situations can sure drag us down in a pit of despair at times. You cry out to God and He does hear you. Luke 18:1(NIV) says to 'Pray and never give up.' Luke 1:37(NLT) tells us 'Nothing is impossible to God.' Don't put God in a "box" thinking His capabilities are limited and He surely can not do certain things. He is God! The Alpha and The Omega.

Do not "entertain" doubts and fears and "what ifs" in your mind. God can perform miracles so keep believing.

PRAYER: Lord I thank you that nothing is too big or too hard for you. You care and you hear my prayers. I need your help to stay focused and be positive. I know the enemy will get me to fear and worry and with your help I will tell him to get behind me and stay there! I have victory in you! In Jesus' name. Amen.

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