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Saturday, April 20, 2013


 Do you trust the Lord or are you constantly fretting, worrying, unable to have peace?
Most the time the things we worry over never happen and even if they did happen what good did your worry do? Did it help you? Did it change the situation? The answer is no. It simply gave Satan a bit of fun knowing he has you, a child of God, upset.

Do you want to win this battle against Satan and relax and let go and Let God so to speak? You can you know. Why can't we pray and then relax and trust Him? What do we have to do to have peace? Perhaps a good dose of scripture or study on peace is in order.

Worry does not help you at all and takes you further way from God. When you constantly feed your mind with things of the world and tragedy and all the "what ifs" of life the you can become so consumed you are ineffective for the Lord. How many "tests" do we need before we can turn over this area to the Lord. Things in life are bound to happen but consistently focusing on things that may happen drags you down. Instead focus on what God can do.

Get up and say 'thank you Lord for putting angels around my children and protecting them. Thank you Lord that you are in control and you love me and my family. I have no need to fear. I trust you Lord.' Psalm 91:5(NIV) says 'You will not fear the terror or night or the arrow that flies by day.' Make the devil mad for a change. Say out loud ' Devil you are not going to steal my peace. I am covered by the blood of Jesus and nothing you can try to do will hurt me or my family. I am standing with Jesus so get behind me now Satan.' Sound fanatical? Try it and see if you do not feel better. Then do a study on peace and try to get up each day and say 'I will not allow fear to entire in my mind today.'

Now go and have a good day and know that Jesus is indeed Lord!

PRAYER: Dear Father God I thank you for your perfect peace and love. I choose today to walk in peace and not in fear and worry. I know when I do this I do not bring glory to you and am not a very good witness for you either. I choose to trust. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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