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Monday, March 11, 2013


This became literal for me in a "action word picture" on my recent
annual snow ski trip. It was one of the times I had been doing my best
skiing. No, I am no where near a Black Diamond level skier, but I
started to master my turns and control. I happened to be in a "Perfect
Turn" refresher class when I took three freak falls, turning, oddly
enough. On the last two falls, my knee popped. I got the idea for this
devotion title while sitting with an ice pack on my knee, pondering
ruining our much anticipated ski vacation. At least it was day two.
Stuff happens. I will be ready for next year.

As I sat there watching out the window at happy skiers boarding chair
lifts for the top of mountain, my thoughts turned to pride. I was not
bragging before my fall except for maybe a couple of pictures on
Facebook(whoops), but was feeling proud of myself for finally feeling
comfortable at higher speeds and possibly ready for a more advanced
lesson when this little mishap occurred. So there I was. Go figure.

In life we may get a little too self assured or self reliant and may
think we do not need God, then Poof. The rug of life throws us a curve
ball to keep us humble and show us our need for God. God did not cause
me to fall and I had not forgotten Him, but perhaps I was being more
overconfident than I needed to be. So there I was sitting with an ice
pack on my knee contemplating getting a refund on my lift ticket and
ski rentals.

Is there something in your life perhaps that has slowed you down and
made you see life from a different perspective? Maybe something
happens to show you you are not in control. I may have been skiing
since 1995 but a simple tumble injured my knee, more specifically completely tore
my ACL and have a partial tear in LCL among other things. So this
season is over since no snow and mountains are anywhere near me. The
good thing is though I am still walking and so therefore have next
year, the year and so on as long as God gives me breath and good

Things happen for a reason but I need to figure this one out. I am
thankful it was not worse and that Ski Patrol did not have to haul me
off the mountain on a snow machine gurney or in an ambulance.

Is there an area of your life you need to turn over to God? Do you
ever become too proud? Pride literally does go before a fall. Proverbs
16:18(NIV) says 'Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit
before a fall.'

PRAYER: Lord thank you for the talents and abilities you have given
me. Help me remember that you alone give me the abilities I need to do
what I do in work or in play. All these are gifts from you. I thank
you Lord and forgive me if I ever forget to say thanks. In Jesus'
name. Amen.

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