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Monday, March 18, 2013


Last Friday I wrote about Thanksgiving and listing all the wonderful
things in our lives we are thankful for and I forgot to list five very
important things. This is always the case when you are thinking of
what you are thankful for. I know in Moms in Prayer each week in our
Four Steps of Prayer (see www.momsinprayer.org) the third step is
"Thanksgiving" where we share in prayer the things God has done for us
and answers to prayers we have prayed in our lives there in the group.
So five more things I thought of the other day at O dark thirty as I
pushed "send" to put my writing out there in cyber world were my
family such as mom,brother, sister, nephews, niece, and many other
relatives still living; my beautiful and wonderful daughter in law and
her absolutely terrific family, the pets in our lives, and the answers
to prayer each and every day we often take for granted. Once again as
I send this out no doubt more will come to mind. That is what we need
to have happen. Be so grateful and thankful for so many things that
you just can not stop praising God for them. So many little "God
things" in your life you may not even notice. It is so awesome how God
orchestrates all the details in our lives and even turns bad things

The assignment for all readers once again is to get out that paper and
pen and go to work writing down all the things in your life you are
thankful for. It is a very good exercise to do and to do daily. The
more we learn to thank the less we learn to complain. I just thought
of another one just now, grocery stores. In America we are so blessed
with an abundance of food.

Ephesians 5:20(NIV) is a good memory verse and it says 'Always give
thanks to God the Father for everything in the name of our Lord Jesus
Christ'. Try cultivating daily an attitude of gratitude.

PRAYER: Lord first I am thankful for knowing you as my saviour. I
thank you for my Bible and I pray I do not neglect reading it daily.
In Jesus' name. Amen.

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