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Friday, February 15, 2013


Several years ago I thought I had to find out what all the celebrities
were doing. Why I have no idea. I did not read the "tabloids" that are
found at the grocery store check out lines, but the alternate
"acceptable" one. I do have a collection of autographed celebrity
photos. It is sort of a hobby I began several years ago in honor of
my dad who had died. He had a collection of political photos. But
pretty much my celebrity magazine days are behind me, not that I am
not tempted to delve into all the Hollywood news.

A few days ago while waiting at the Army Pharmacy for my prescription
I saw a well known celebrity magazine on the table next to me with
actress Drew Barrymore holding her newborn baby on the cover. For just
a moment I was enticed and started to pick it up, but then I stopped
myself. I had not yet spent my quality time with The Lord reading His
word that day, yet I was going to fill my head with meaningless
celebrity news. It convicted me. You may love these magazines, and I
am not here to stand in judgment, but for me it was a matter of
spiritual discipline and watching what went into my head. Would I fill
my mind with stupid things that did not matter in the big scheme of
things or fill it with God's word? It still tempts me but like any
temptation we have to resist and ask for God's help.

Do you know who the biggest celebrity of all time is? Of course, it is
Jesus. Yet he does not insist on a plush suite at a five star hotel or
a red carpet to walk on. He is humble. He was born in a manger or in
other words a little stall with hay. Recall if you will the account of
Him washing his Disciples feet in John 13:1-17. So many of us are
sensitive about our feet. Can you imagine what it was like to have
Jesus wash dirty feet? We do not need a backstage pass to have access
to Him. He is your 24/7 God. Remember the story of the taxpayer
Zaccheaus found in Luke 19:1-10? He knew Jesus was passing by and was
so short he climbed up in a tree to get a glimpse of Him. Jesus saw
him and stopped and told him to come down as he was going to his house
today. Wow, how cool is that? Many of us would start worrying about
our piles and our dust bunnies. I guarantee you Jesus does not care
about those. He cares for you!

Stop for just a moment and think of all he has done for you. It is
mind boggling. He should be first place in your life not an after
thought. As a matter of fact it says in Psalm 22:3(KJV) 'thou art Holy
and inhabits the praise of His Israel.' We should sing praises to the
most high God. Psalm 9:2(NIV) says' I will be glad and rejoice in
you,I will sing praise to your name, O most high.'

Is Jesus more important to you than what the Kardashians are doing? I
certainly hope so. Start today and make daily Bible reading a habit in
your morning routine. Let the words within its' pages have a positive
impact in your life. He truly is the greatest celebrity of all time.

PRAYER: Father forgive me when I give more importance to someone
because of their worldly fame than to you who is the King of Kings and
Lord of lords. Lord Jesus I thank you for all you have done in my life
that often I forget to tell you. Thanks for guiding me each and every
day of my life. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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Further Reading: Psalm chapter 50

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